NYC Speakers

All the speakers at the NYC Event

  • Kim Prado

    RBC & OpenFin Partnership

    Kim Prado will introduce RBC technology, her mandate and journey from the origins of SalesBook to RBC’s newest application, Client First and the positive effects of wrapping the technology in OpenFin.  Finally, Kim will discuss the role of OpenFin in RBC’s 2020 strategy and future continued partnership.
  • Adam Wolff

    Robinhood Engineering

    Robinhood has built a successful product with a smart and hard working engineering team dedicated to making its product successful. Now that this product has achieved solid product/market fit and is growing, Robinhood needs to systematize so that it can scale existing products even while building new ones. This talk will explore some of the challenges and opportunities facing Robinhood in its next phase of growth.
  • Kevin Maes

    Reducing Risk in Trading UIs With State Machines

    Flux brought us unidirectional data flow and Redux gave us reducers to manage our immutable application state. But UI components can still lead us to unknown states and event handling can involve increasingly complex branching logic with each added use case. How can we apply the declarative spirit of React and functional programming to our state and its transitions?
  • Chris Price

    Higher or Lower - ML in JS

    "Machine Learning has had a transformative effect on many industries, but rarely has it been so rapidly adopted as in finance. It can be found identifying fraud, optimizing sales targeting, high-frequency trading and far more besides.
  • Jason Beres

    How to Deliver a High Performance UX in the Modern Web

    Fast, responsive, rapidly-updating, rich-formatting, dockable windows all words used to describe the basic requirement of any modern financial services app. The push to modern experiences includes JavaScript and container-based approaches like OpenFin, along with technology from Google & Infragistics. Learn how to maximize your OpenFin investment to build high performance, real-time apps for your users with limited UI code while still delivering amazing user experiences.
  • Bhavesh Desai

    The Financial Desktop: How To Get There Faster

    Building UI’s for the financial services sector can be challenging. We have real-time,  data-centric applications that model complex business domains. We deliver to a variety of mediums such as desktop, mobile and web. Our clients expect applications to have excellent visual design and user experience, all while delivering to tight deadlines.

    In this talk, we walk through the major themes emerging in financial UI development, Including:

    • Expediting software delivery by adopting modern UX and developer workflow.

    • Breaking out of the browser. From applications to ecosystems.

    • Using modern, real-time API’s and infrastructure for building data-intensive high-performance UI’s