Adam Wolff

Robinhood has built a successful product with a smart and hard working engineering team dedicated to making its product successful. Now that this product has achieved solid product/market fit and is growing, Robinhood needs to systematize so that it can scale existing products even while building new ones. This talk will explore some of the challenges and opportunities facing Robinhood in its next phase of growth.

About Adam

Adam Wolff recently joined Robinhood as VP of Engineering. Adam spent the past eight years at Facebook’s, where he was in charge of its Product Infrastructure team, which was responsible for projects like React and GraphQL. Adam joined Facebook when the startup that he co-founded, Sharegrove Inc., was acquired in 2010. Before founding Sharegrove, Adam was the Chief Software Architect for Laszlo Systems, where he worked on rich client apps and open source software before it was cool. Adam got his start in the software industry working as a game and interaction designer for companies such as Rocket Science Games, Purple Moon, and Microsoft.