Patrick Starling

Building The Next Generation Financial Services Firm

Financial Services firms are getting disrupted on all sides by the need for accelerated business differentiation through technology innovation. FactSet wants to partner with our clients and third parties to be a primary source of content, analytics, technology and services in the cloud. Our factories and engines bring order to proprietary, alternative and commercial data, create rich security, market & trade execution analytics, surface relevant actions through cognitive computing, and offer turn-key services and workflow solutions. Next generation financial services firms won’t have their problems solved by a black box, but by participating in an open, flexible ecosystem of solutions. OpenFin as a desktop scaffold allows the real stars – Content, Analytics and relevant Insights – to be exposed to machines and users with much higher degrees of flexibility and sophistication. Learn about how we’re helping clients innovate their workflows using FactSet and OpenFin.

About Patrick

Patrick Starling (VP, Sales Engineering) heads up FactSet’s Global Sales Engineering team which is focused on building technology partnerships and next generation enterprise solutions with the full suite of FactSet’s technology, content, applications and people. Previously, Patrick has worked at FactSet as a datafeeds Sales Engineer, as VP – Key Accounts acting as a global account manager for large Fortune 500 asset managers, and started as a FactSet Consultant. Patrick holds degrees in Economics and Theatre Arts from Virginia Tech, and is currently studying for a Masters in Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.